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Can Crystals Help You Deal With Emotions And Feelings?

There's a lot to be said about New Age practices such as using tarot cards, I Ching, and crystals and stones. The latter, however, has a specific role in one's feelings and emotions . They can actually absorb your feelings and emotions, whether they are positive or negative. When these feelings and emotions get absorbed by the crystals, they stay there and affect the effectiveness and color of the crystals.

On the upside, these crystals help you deal with what you are feeling. Citrine, for example, has this healing quality. Its yellow color is not just the shade of abundance but also the color for emotions. According to crystal experts, you can use citrine if you are having trouble controlling your emotions and if you are prone to outbursts.

Howlite, on the other hand, is another calming and soothing stone. It aids in communication as well. Keep it with you and you will notice that you don't get angry easily and you are better at talking to people even if you are feeling upset. Howlite is also called as the stone of peace. Aside from being the perfect stone for psychics, kyanite is good for anyone who represses his emotions. Kyanite releases blocked emotions, making it possible for you to let go of them gently and safely. The blue color of this crystal also calms your sense.

Moonstone, in contrast, encourages emotional balance and stability. It gives the wearer a feeling of assurance and de-clutters your mind and emotions. It likewise gives you the feeling that things are all right. This is perfect for people who are always anxious.

To create an aura of peace and prevent yourself from feeling a chaotic surge of emotions, use lepidolite. Described as the "happy inducing stone," it does exactly what it is known for to ease you of tension and stress, and calm your nerves and feelings. It soothes you when you feel furious, worried, or scared.

Rose quartz and rhodonite promote healing as well. More than a protection from negative emotions, these pink stones and crystals heal you from within. They encourage self-love and forgiveness. Thus, you are enriched with positivity and white energy. Another soothing stone is chrysocolla, which promotes love and interest for the greater good instead of focusing on hate and pity. Chrysocolla balances your expressions and gives you that much-needed calm when faced with challenges.

Although science has a lot to do with emotions and feelings, it wouldn't hurt for you to try this alternative method to emotional healing.

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