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Is Celtic Astrology Actually Based On Druid History?

If you have ever wanted to learn about Celtic astrology, it is a very complex form of astrology that originated from the Druids a couple thousand years ago. People that have tried to understand how it began have done great research, leading them to ancient writings from that period of time. It is not just about the positioning of the stars, and the constellation associated with your day of birth. It also deals with trees and animals. Is this form of astrology actually based on Druid history? Let's take a look at this bite sized introduction to Celtic Astrology to see if this is true or not.

What Experts Have Said

There was a book written not too long ago by the name of The White Goddess, originating back in the 1940s. It seemed to depict what is referred to as a tree calendar, and also discussed the origins of the entire Celtic astrological system. Some people believe that this information has not properly represented the origins of this form of astrology, especially in regard to the Druids. However, he did derive some of his writings from Roderic O'Flaherty who discussed the tree calendar, and the tree zodiac, which seem to correlate very well with the well-known belief that the Druids were very connected to nature.

Who Were The Druids?

The Druids were an actual people, part of the Celtic population that resided in Ireland, Britain, and a part of Western Europe referred to as Gaul. They flourished during the Iron Age, yet little is known about the ancient Druids as there are no written accounts other than Roman and Greek descriptions of these people. It is known that they believed in a form of reincarnation, and that many of their beliefs were interconnected with the relationship with nature around them. It follows that they would have developed a system of astrology that would be related to the natural things in their immediate environment which would include trees, animals, and of course their perceptions of the heavens above.

Celtic astrology seems to have originated back in 500 B.C.E., and began with the belief of magical tree spirits. This led to the development of the tree calendar, and their correlation with human beings, with each different type of tree relating to the time of a person's birth. There seems to be evidence that all of this information is accurate to the best of the knowledge of the researchers that had so little written work to go on. Considering that many major cultures including American Indians, the Mayans, Europeans, and many other cultures that developed similar beliefs, it is clear that the Druids also had their own form of astrology. What is unfortunate is that not more written writings were found from this time which could be translated, attesting to the fact that the Druids did in fact create their form of astrology on a particular date. Until that time, we must rely upon the accounts from other cultures in regard to how the Druids created their own astrology.


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