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Make A Second Home For Your Child By Choosing The Best San Diego Preschool

When you are searching for the best San Diego preschool for your little one, one thing you should keep in mind is that you are not just looking for a school. You are also searching for his second home. Children learn by mirroring the actions of adults so when you entrust your kids to teachers, you put them in the hands of someone that theyll look up to as their second parents.

A high quality Chula Vista preschool will provide your child with a secure environment offering a favorable atmosphere for learning.

- Visit the preschool and look for signs of clean, safe and learning-friendly facilities. First of all, the school should pass the licensing requirements of the state. An ideal Chula Vista preschool will have 35 sq. ft. of interior space and 75 sq. ft. of outdoor space for each pupil.

- Check the cleanliness of the floors, the bathrooms and the food preparation zones. Classrooms should have good lighting, ventilation and heating. Furthermore, toilets and sinks should be kid-friendly and easily accessible.

- Does the school have basic rules of safety? How well are they implemented? Your kid should not be able to just step out of the school and into the street just as strangers should not be able to enter the preschool easily.

- Look for safety features like bars in upstairs windows, fire extinguishers and smoke detectors. Medicine cabinets and sharp objects should be well out of your childs reach. Make sure that the outside play area is level and protected. Good child care in San Diego is possible only through a competent and well-trained teaching staff.

- Aside from finishing four-year degrees in college, preschool teachers should have specific training in early childhood education. Ask whether the school provides the teaching staff with ongoing training in emergency readiness.

- Substitute teachers and assistant teachers should also possess training. Ask if they have CDA credentials.

- Another thing you should look into is how much the school pays the teachers. A teaching staff who are satisfied with their jobs are more likely to provide better quality of teaching. The teachers incomes should be comparable to the wages of private and public teaching staff.

- During your visit, observe how the teachers relate with the children. Kids should be happy and excited about having them around, instead of suddenly being quiet and proper each time they catch sight of the teachers. An ideal San Diego preschool teacher will engage your kid in stimulating dialogs because he/she understands that the language skills of preschoolers are developed through meaningful conversations with adults.

- Likewise, good teachers will encourage conversations and cooperative play between your child and his/her peers. Thats because they know that preschoolers do not possess the self-regulation skills necessary to sit still and listen to lectures. Under-fives retain information better when they are physically, mentally and emotionally involved in the educational activity.

The ideal Chula Vista preschool program will involve parents in their childrens education.

- Look for a school, which views the childrens families as partners. The purpose of preschools is not to get your kid off your hair. Instead, a good preschool will encourage a deeper bond between you and your child by involving you in school activities.

- There should be an open line of communication between the teaching staff and the parents. Opt for a school, which will routinely share information about your preschoolers progress. If the teachers consult you regarding your kids preferences and interests, then that is a good sign.

- Parents should be encouraged to contribute to their kids educational goals. You should have a say in the schools programs and policies.

The top preschools in San Diego will have your childs best interest at heart.

- Not all preschoolers develop at the same pace. Look for a school which assesses the kids for learning difficulties and behavioral problems through sensory and cognitive screenings. Ask whether the school has access to experts on kids with special learning needs.

- Another thing to look for in a Chula Vista preschool is if they provide healthy meals covering all food groups. Beware of schools that allow kids to eat sweets freely.

- Look for a school, which shares your philosophy when it comes to health, feeding and discipline. At this stage, you will be raising your child with the school and with the teachers so it is important to work together.

Ultimately, the best preschools understand the value of family. The best school for your child is one, which will provide him/her with the love, safety and support that he/she feels at home. Look for a preschool with teachers who share your big dreams for your little one. You can even check out the video below to learn more about what to look for in a preschool:


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