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What In Simple Terms Is A Chinese Horoscope

Almost everyone knows what a regular horoscope actually is. It is a process by which you are able to tell your zodiac sign. There are 12 zodiac signs in the sky, each represented by constellations. This is an esoteric practice that has been created in many different cultures, many times independently, and it represents something in association with your birth. In a modern American astrological chart, you are going to see people associated with being born during certain times of the month. However, in Chinese astrology, specifically with a Chinese horoscope, it is representative of the year of your birth. However, if you are interested in Astrology have you ever considered asking yourself what is a Chinese horoscope?

Different Animals For Chinese Horoscopes

When you look at the animals that are representative of the Chinese zodiac, there are 12, only one of which is supposedly imaginary. There is a tiger, ox, rat, rabbit, goat and even a monkey. There is also a Dragon which is considered by most to be an imaginary creature, although this creature is found in many different cultures throughout the world. Imaginary or not, it represents a certain series of characteristics that detail the personality that a person will have, and based upon this, a horoscope can be made.

How To Use Horoscopes

With a Chinese horoscope, based upon your personality, you may have those that do these every single day that are not just based on the year of your birth. They may also take into account the positioning of stars, planets, the sun, the moon, and an assortment of other factors. In doing so, they are able to consider many different variables which are associated with your zodiac sign. This will help them become much more proficient at helping you determine what choices you should make on particular days of the year.

Whether you look at a Western horoscope, or a Chinese horoscope, it is all about contemplating whether or not the date of your birth is going to factor in on decisions that you make. Hopefully this basic overview of what a Chinese horoscope is will help you use these to your advantage. It's always good to have a guideline as to what you need to do with your life, and since these have been used for thousands of years, they may very well contain the strategies that you need to make the best decisions of your life now and also in the future.


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