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Why Many People Believe Angels Are Spiritual Guides

Most of us know someone that believes that they have a spiritual guide. These are individuals that more than likely believe in a spiritual realm area, a place that is apart from normal reality which we cannot detect with our five senses. The belief in Angels also permeates our society. These beings are said to do the bidding of God, and are actually designed to protect mankind. Some people believe that they have one or more guardian angel that is always watching over them, attributing miraculous events these unseen protectors that may have saved their life. The question that needs to be addressed is whether or not Angels and spiritual guides are one in the same. Here is an overview of each, and an explanation as to why this possibility might not be so far-fetched at all.

Why Angels Could Be Spiritual Guides

When you research the topic of Angels, or simply look up a definition for them, they are spiritual beings that look very similar to humans. The primary differences include having wings and the ability to exist forever. Other differences may also include having halos, a soul purpose for guiding or protecting mankind, and the ability to sometimes appear in our physical world. The reason that Angels could easily be considered spiritual guides is that they are thought to be messengers and protectors. They are from the spiritual realm, and using simple deduction, that would certainly qualify them as spiritual guides.

How Do You Know They Are Real?

There are only three ways to determine whether or not Angels are real, or any other type of spiritual guide. In some cultures this might be an animal, or a creature that is half man and half animal. Regardless, we know that there is a possibility for their existence based upon stories that have been told, stories that have been written down, and personal experiences that so many of us have had. Whether you were in a car wreck and were miraculously unscathed, or you made a strange decision that actually saved your life, these events and intuition are often considered to be direct communication with Angels on the other side.

Even though we may never be able to see Angels with our eyes, many people have said they have seen them in their dreams. Even those that have gone into deep meditations have seen and conversed with these entities which almost always offer some type of advice. If they are real, there seems to be enough indirect evidence to support the possibility that they are there. At the very least, it is an idea that many millions of people believe in, and is a form of comfort for those that need to believe there is something greater than ourselves helping us along.


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