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How To Recognize Real Spiritual Growth

Modern life puts us under a lot of pressure. If you're struggling to stay calm and happy, and wish that you could enjoy a more relaxing environment, then why not try changing the way you view the world yourself? It might seem strange, but one of the biggest challenges of spiritual growth is trying to change the way you perceive the world, so that you can stay calm and happy.

Real spiritual growth comes when you find yourself not 'reminding yourself' that you need to remain calm and happy, but actually behaving that way. When you recognize your anger, and you tell yourself that you are feeling that way, before you lash out, then you will realize that you have made some real progress. Enlightenment is about growing your own sense of self and becoming more aware of what is important. It is about learning to respect yourself, and others, and learning to connect with yourself and with others on a better level. At times you may not recognize if the person acting out is real Astrology can reveal your true inner self.

There are negative influences everywhere. We are always under pressure and feeling stress, and it's all too easy to be tempted to lash out against people. A big part of growing as a person is to understand that we can't control other people, but we can control how we respond to them. We can't control how we feel in the short term, but the better we behave the more positive we will feel in the long term.

Whether your spiritualism centers around the divine, or you focus on something different, you will find that simply taking some time to think and reflect will make a big difference. Everyone's path to spiritual development is different. What works for you will differ to what works for other people, but success is there for everyone.

Growing spiritually won't mean that you never feel angry, jealous or insecure. But it will mean that you find the calmness that you need somewhere and that you can recognize what is happening, and stay calm. It will mean that you can understand what you are feeling and that you need to take control of it sometimes, and it will mean that you can take that moment to calm down and regulate your emotions.

Spiritual growth is a constant battle, and you must be vigilant to stop yourself from falling prey to human insecurities - and the pride that you have 'done enough' but success is there for those who are willing to work for it.