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Rome: A Biography Of Emperor Augustus

Although he was said to have been physically puny, with unkempt blond hair and several gaps in his teeth, Augustus (or Octavian, as he was initially known) became the first emperor of the Roman Empire. His victory at the battle of Actium in 31 BC against Mark Antony and Cleopatra, the queen of Egypt, meant Augustus could build a reputation as a victorious warrior. But who was the man behind the myth? This article provides biographical detail on Augustus.

A marble statue of Emperor Augustus found at his villa at Prima Porta in Rome on 20 April 1863, shows the first emperor of the Roman Empire pointing towards the horizon as if the world was his oyster as it indeed was. Draped in flamboyant military clothes, his breastplate is decorated with scenes of victory in battle, and at his feet is a figurine of Cupid, son of Venus, hinting at the Julio-Claudian dynastys claim to have descended from the goddess. Augustus is depicted as being barefoot, which indicates he saw himself as a hero or even a god.

This idealised image of the emperor sums up Augustuss glorious reputation, but as with most historic portraits, it has been slightly airbrushed. He had his faults, including intolerance of criticism and harshness towards those with physical imperfections such as his stepson Drususs son Claudius, who had a stutter and a club foot, and who Augustus banned from appearing in public.

Nonetheless, the unpopularity of many of his successors in the Roman Empire ensured that history remembers Augustus as a true man of the people.

He was born Octavian on 23 September in 63 BC, and was the grandson of Julius Caesars sister. As Octavian grew into adulthood, Caesar took a keen interest in the young mans career, even admitting him to the college of pontiffs in 47 BC. The young Octavians life-changing moment occurred when Caesar was assassinated on the Ides of March (15 March) 44 BC.

At the time, Octavian was only 19, slight of build, and recognisable owing to the many gaps in his teeth, but as the main beneficiary in Caesars will he was now the rightful leader of the Roman Empire.

Yet it wasnt until a civil war between Octavian and Caesars enemies had been thrashed out, followed by a decisive battle at Actium on 2 September The Emperor Augustus

In 31 BC, in which Octavian defeated his rival Mark Antony, that the heir could make good his claim to the emperorship on 16 January 27 BC. Even then, he was nervous of assuming complete power, remembering his great-uncles untimely fate, and he waited for the Senate to proclaim him Augustus (or Your Eminence) before completely consolidating his position.

He had initially toyed with the idea of renaming himself Romulus after the man who had founded Rome in 753 BC, but he decided against this, wary that Romuluss ruthlessness (he had, legend tells us, murdered his twin brother Remus) would leave a bad taste with many Romans. Go to for more information.

Over the next 40 years Augustus brought peace and stability to Rome, building up a reputation for prudence, investing in public works and initiating popular reforms. Inspired by the poets Horace, Ovid and Virgil, the historian Livy and the patron of the arts, Maecenas, Augustus saw much to admire in Romes culture.

Shortly after assuming power, Augustus formed the Praetorian Guard, an elite unit of more than 4,000 men who acted as the emperors bodyguard. They wore unique uniforms and were paid higher salaries than regular troops and were to become increasingly powerful after Augustuss death. In AD 41, for instance, they assassinated Emperor Caligula, one of Augustuss successors.

Perhaps the crowning achievement of Augustuss reign was his hosting of the Games of the Ages between 31 May and 3 June in 17 BC. The Games included sacrifices at sanctuaries, chariot races, comedies and tragedies in both Latin and Greek, as well as animal hunting and mock battles. It wasnt all fun and games, however the extravaganza had several, less obvious purposes, such as the purification of the Roman state and the ushering in of a new golden age.

In order to strengthen the moral fibre of the Roman state, Augustus clamped down on sexual misconduct by introducing legislation that would expel unworthy men from political office. But in this new Rome, perception wasnt always reality; the pious leader who legislated against licentiousness was faced with his own humiliating scandal when it emerged his daughter Julia had prostituted herself on the same spot in the Forum where her father had proposed his new laws. Outraged, Augustus exiled her forever and she eventually died of malnutrition.

Worse, the emperor himself became the subject of gossip when it was whispered that his wife, Livia Drusilla, had supplied her husband with young girls and married women for his pleasure.

As with many other tales from Ancient Rome, it is impossible to determine how much of the gossip was true.

In AD 2, Augustus was given the title pater patriae (father of the nation) and was, he humbly said for one with such a powerful position, merely the first citizen or the first among equals. Towards the end of his life he remarked that hed found Rome in brick and left it in marble, and on his deathbed he called for a mirror before telling his attendants to comb his hair and rearrange his drooping features.

Augustus died on 19 August in AD 14, and the month of his death was named after him. His adopted son Tiberius succeeded him.

Why You Should Have A Home Tutor For Your Children

It is a fact that all students in a class are not the same intellectually. Some are quite fast at everything, some only excel in certain subjects and there are some who are always considered the underdogs. It is not to say that the students that are considered underdogs really cannot do anything. The fact of the matter is that childrens attitude towards them pushes them back even more than they already are in their studies. It wont be wrong to say that students who are not very confident are often the target of bullies in the schools too.

What parents need to understand here is that different students have different levels of understanding. Some students learn things quickly and others need time. It does not mean that the students who learn quickly are always better. There is much possibility that the student who learns later might have a better concept of the topic than the student who learned before him/her. This is where you need to give your children more time for studies than they spend in school. It is all about spending those extra hours on their studies and they start performing just like other students.

The best way to give your children some more time for their studies is through home tutoring. There are many other options for students but home tutoring is considered the best for many reasons. The first and foremost reason to have a tutor come at home to teach your children is that your children will be able to do their homework easily. Homework can be quite stressful for students when they dont know what to do with it. In the presence of a home tutor the children has confidence that he/she can get help of the tutor whenever it is needed.

While doing homework the student also gets the time to understand the topics again from the tutor. In addition to that, if students show more interest in their studies the tutors would often teach them topics that have not been studied in class yet. For this particular reason, students are able to understand the topic better when it is studied in the class. The student can give answers to questions just like other students and this gives great confidence to him/her. This could become a life changing point for a student who has been staying behind only because of lack of confidence.

Parents can always rest assured that their children are studying under their eyes. They can keep an eye on the activities of their children and watch it for themselves how much their kids are improving. Parents are also able to see how hard working the tutor is. Not to mention, this keeps the tutor doing his/her job with diligence as well. Due to many online websites providing home tutor services, parents can now easily hire home tutors. A search for math tutor San Diego would easily yield thousands of results of great home tutors for your child if he/shes struggling with mathematics.

Top 3 Executive Training Methodologies

Executive coaching is further education which is about increasing the performance of people in leadership positions, and more specifically, it's about improving their capability to direct and move the output of the people, groups and also the departments they lead.

Largely speaking there are 3 categories of executive training: behavioural change coaching, personal productivity coaching, and also 'energy' training.

In this article we will fairly quickly distinguish each of these coaching approaches and also discuss the rewards that come from the behavioral training strategy, so readers can more thoroughly get the picture of just what behavioral coaching is, as well as why it is potentially the most effective executive coaching approach offered for career executives wanting improved effectiveness in their ability to enhance the result of the teams and divisions they lead.

Personal productivity coaching - Personal productivity training is about reviewing areas of efficiency, efficacy and individual performance, in short, it's about equipping executives to do more by prioritising more effectively, gaining the most from technological advances, obtaining a clearer understanding of their aims and so on, so the focus is on the executive.

Energy training - Energy coaching has to do with breaking through restricting ideas and also emotionally charged responses, and exchanging them with helpful and empowering mindsets that bring about far more valuable and consistent action, so the focus is on the individual development of the leader.

Behavioural coaching - Behavioral coaching varies from the previous two approaches in that it's about objectively evaluating a leader's personal leadership manner, and also exactly how this influences their capability to work with, as well as through others, in order to help their people to fulfill each of their role outcomes.

So behavioral coaching varies from the previous two training types in the understanding that the emphasis is on pinpointing and also evaluating the repercussions a person's leadership mode has on the efficacy of others. Essentially, it's about training the leader to become so much more powerful at working with other people to be much more productive, instead of aiming to be more and more competent on your own.

Ideally, behavioural coaching educators want to collaborate with executives who are already successful leaders, to aid them to develop into greater, more successful leaders. Plus the argument for behavioral coaching being more useful compared to other forms of executive training is that a lot of effective leaders are already reasonably proficient in managing their own energy and also individual output, however might not appreciate how their individual leadership behavior impacts the individual achievement of their accountable team leaders, teams and their whole division. To put it simply, while they are very proficient achievers, they might be oblivious to precisely how their individual leadership type influences others.

By determining their leadership type and guiding the leader on an investigation into exactly how this affects their capability to work with as well as through others, behavioural training could assist executives to remove formerly unexamined restraints to effectiveness and capacity, both dependably and in short order.

So, how long does it take to attain measurable change in the effectiveness of a leader with behavioural training? You may be surprised to read that it's roughly only about six months. This is a relatively brief period of time when the result is a capability to continuously as well as assuredly effect powerful benefits right through a team and an enterprise.

Reviews Of Alpine Academy

Alpine Academy Reviews

Alpine Academy is sure to be among the best, most pivotal parts of your entire life, and influential moments of your lifetime and is something that all people should seriously consider. The following article below has the information you can use when you are going to college. Pay attention and apply everything that you read the information below.

While you are in high school, be planning for college. If you can't afford college, consider the possibility of student loans. The college will pay off in the future, and it's not a bad idea to get a loan that you can later pay off.

Have your testing materials handy when you take a test. The teachers often don't lend items out, so make sure you have what you need before you leave for class.

Focus on getting good grades, and take part in those activities that are manageable with your workload.

Eat breakfast before a big test in the afternoon.Even something small like a container of yogurt or apple can help. Your stomach and its growling will distract you from your exam.

Pay off any credit card you have one. This keeps you from having to pay penalties such as late fees. You might want to go ahead and spend money on your credit card, but your residential school goal is to learn. You do not want to be distracted by financial difficulties.

You may find that it doesn't take much more time! You also save time because you do not have to hunt for a parking space on campus. You will also save yourself money on gas and parking pass. It is also a way for the environment.

There are a lot of positive Alpine Academy Reviews out there, so you should look into it. It is a school of high integrity, and their programs do great things for their students.

There are many distractions when you are in boarding school, but you can find the time you need! Promise yourself that you will study hour each and every day. Even if there's not an exam to study for or homework to do, do it. It can help you create a routine.

Years from now you will look back to your boarding school days and realize how well they have prepared you for the person you were destined to be. Remember that the bigger picture is finishing school, and you don't want to stop until you've graduated!

Are You Considering Alpine Academy? Read This Article!

Million-dollar decisions are awaiting your opinion around each and every corner. These decisions will affect your future, so they are vital. Use this advice to help you get through it.

When you enter Alpine Academy in Erda, try to reduce the amount of starches that you eat during your freshman year. Typically, you will put on a lot of weight in the initial stages of boarding school, as this will help you to counter that. Try to incorporate a lot of fruits and vegetables into your diet.

Carry a personal water bottle to school. Staying properly hydrated throughout the course of the day is paramount. If you have little or no downtime between classes, this is an absolute must. Drinking water frequently during the day can help you remain focused and energized. You can carry a reusable water bottle with you at all times and fill it up at a water fountain.

Organization of your time, your schedule, and your responsibilities is essential to making your time in private school count. You should know exactly where you have to be when you are supposed to be there and how you will get there. If you are not organized, you will soon be confused and late with assignments.

Try to decide what you want to do with your life while you are at Utah Alpine Academy . This will allow you to know what boarding school has the classes you must take so you're able to get a degree that gets you into the field of your choice. Speak to admissions to find out if they can help you get the education you require.

Before taking a test, do a thorough review of your notes. Studying is crucial for a test, but a complete review of your notes just before taking the test can keep the information fresh in your mind. The fresher the information is in your mind, the more easily you can remember it during the test. This can better your performance drastically.

If you are struggling in your classes, ask the professor if there are any tutoring options available. By enlisting the help of a tutor, you will normally be able to score better on tests, learn the information better and get a more rounded understanding of the curriculum. If a teacher is not available, ask around on campus. There are many study groups available that are student led.

Now, you can feel a little more confident when facing the tough decisions associated with the private school. Daily life is about making decisions, and boarding school is the start of many decisions that will help determine your future. Follow the advice from this article to help you make your Alpine Academy equestrian school experience a successful one.

Advantages Of Alpine Academy In Utah

The picture that has been created by pop culture about boarding schools is not a precise reflection of the benefits and experiences that a student goes through in their everyday school life. Alpine Academy boarding school has combined education and development in a manner that gives the student not just the opportunity to discover however also develop in life. The following are some of the advantages Alpine Academy boarding has in store:

The element of individual and common growth

The school has had the ability to develop an environment where the girls connect with each other and form a common bond. As much as academics are necessary, the common awareness being developed enables the students to communicate easily with each other. It has helped them to be able to study, play as well as do tasks together. The communal bond has also fostered the attitude of being accountable and watching out for each other. This has developed a peaceful environment as the girls can reveal themselves without any appointments. It has promoted a great bond between ladies of various cultures. The girls consume their meals together, do their tasks together and participate in group experiences. All this is done with the objective of developing a sustainable sense of community.

Knowing self-reliance

Through different programs initiated by the school, the trainees are enabled to discover and explore various difficulties without being forced to follow a set course. The women are not isolated based on their past experiences or problems. Alpine Academy boarding school gives them a fair chance by taking a look at them as unique people. Their goal is to establish their strengths so that they can end up being exemplary in different aspects of their lives be it in school, with buddies, in the house or their community.

An exceptional learning environment

The Academy is located at a fantastic place that provides an ideal and favorable knowing environment. It is located in a farming community, along the bottom of the stunning range of mountains with a good view of The Great Salt Lake. This tranquil environment plays a key role in the academy's programs. This lovely environment creates a safe and calm environment that permits the Institute to implement its programs effectively. This tranquil setting allows the ladies to dare to find out, establish as people, and make pals, commemorate success and take part in various activities and programs.

The Alpine Academy boarding school takes the trainee on a journey that allows them to develop their abilities and alter to benefit the society.

All About Making Professional Choices Using Astrology

If you just typed in professional choices using astrology, you're probably wondering if you should consult an astrologer to help you make career choices. IF you've been wondering about it long and hard, you should know that you're free to do just that use astrology to help you chart your career.

There are really just two ways to do astrology either you do it yourself or you have someone read what's in the stars for you. Both have their own set of advantages and disadvantages. By mapping out your birth chart, it's entirely possible that you can be one with your tuition and hone it to the point where you trust it enough to guide in making major life decisions.

How do you do DIY astrology and use it to make professional choices? Simple. Just get a book on the subject. There are many easy-to-read books out there that move beyond a static interpretation of your birth chart and impart knowledge of how planetary cycles affect your career and finances and everything else in between. There are books out there that teach you about the concept of the dynamic zodiac and show the cycles from the planets and important levels inside your chart that play an ongoing role inside your existence. By analyzing these factors, you will form some idea about choosing a career by astrology guidance and horoscope study.

The only thing you really need to do is to search on Amazon for these books. What you want to do is buy a book that teaches you how you can evaluate and synthesize all the cycles to discover the progress of the career. From there, you will know when are the best times for job interviews and asking for a raise.

We're pretty sure that if you do the research, you will find a book that you can use as a complete resource. Read the excerpts and check out the star ratings as well as the customer reviews.

<iframe src="" width="560" height="315" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen="allowfullscreen"></iframe>
If you don't like to chart the stars by yourself, you can always hire an astrologer to do your readings. There are an increasing number of professional astrologers who are specializing in helping professionals that are searching to find out if the planets will align in the direction of their careers. The increased in numbers thanks in no small part to the recession that started in 2008.

You can take the energy of these astrologers to take your mind off desperation, enjoy stable earnings, and learn how to handle the worry of losing their jobs. According to these astrologers, many people need to know if their birth charts support their instincts regarding their dream job. If you're one of those people who are having problems advancing in their careers or are stuck at getting their first job, maybe it's time for you to consult the stars. Maybe the right path for you lies somewhere else.

Anyway, as we said before, you can either read a book and practice on your own, or you could consult an astrologer. As with anything else, it's cheaper to read your own astrological charts. However, you might have a problem trusting yourself, especially if you don't consider yourself someone with strong intuition. On the other hand, with a professional astrologer, you need to be prepared to shell out between $14 to $30 per hour for consultation.

Please take note, an astrologer is NOT a psychic, and the former uses your birth information to give you otherworldly insights. So, be prepared with information on what time you were born, aside from your birth date. Whatever, an astrologer says, you should take it with a grain of salt. Don't take the word of an astrologer hook, line, and sinker.